WispMaster is a character made for the animated series.

Animated Series Edit

After Liam disturbed his grave, WispMaster rose from it and possessed a scarecrow, in an attempt to get revenge on the one who broke his grave. After a very short fight, WispMaster realises that Liam is not worth the effort, and leaves.

Relationships with other charactersEdit

Cat : WispMaster shows general respect for Cat, but only too a certain extent, and is frequently bothered by Cat's mannerisms.

David: WispMaster has never actually MET David, so they have no information. 

Kade: WispMaster refers to Kade as "Fat, Stupid, Dim-witted, Slow, obese" and other such insults, when being NICE to Kade.

Liam: WispMaster has shown a general hatred towards Liam, and often degrades him at any chance he gets.

Trivia Edit

  • In folklore, a wisp is a sort of spirit.
  • He is dead.
  • He has no penis