WispMaster is one of leads in HammerBros Studios. He makes YTPs and rarely games with the other members.

Animated Series Edit

After Liam disturbed his grave, WispMaster rose from it and possessed a scarecrow, in an attempt to get revenge on the one who broke his grave. After a very short fight, WispMaster realises that Liam is not worth the effort, and leaves.

Relationships with other charactersEdit

Cat : WispMaster shows general respect for Cat, but only too a certain extent, and is frequently bothered by Cat's mannerisms.

David: WispMaster has never actually MET David, so they have no information. 

Kade: WispMaster refers to Kade as "Fat, Stupid, Dim-witted, Slow, obese" and other such insults, when being NICE to Kade.

Liam: WispMaster has shown a general hatred towards Liam, and often degrades him at any chance he gets.

Trivia Edit

  • In folklore, a wisp is a sort of spirit.
  • He is dead.
  • He has no penis

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