Viral Loom Cat (or just Cat for short) Is the ringleader of Hammerbros. Studios, and responsible for most of it's content.

Animated series Edit

In the animated series, after he accidentally lost all his money gambling, he was forced to live in a cheap apartment with four other poor people, until he could get some more money.

Relationships with other charactersEdit

WispMaster: Cat seems to know WispMaster better than the others, but the two don't seem to get along well for very long.

Kade: Cat tends too game the most with Kade, and appears to use him as a sort of minion due to Kade's low intelligence.

Liam: Cat doesn't hate Liam but doesn't like the shmuck, He generally uses Liam to his own well being

David: "Dude, we are like, Bestys!"

Beenee: Beenee buds for life

Trivia Edit

  • Although he mainly does gaming videos, he is also known to blog and animate.
  • He is a Cat.
  • He has a cat named after an alcoholic drink. (Despite, you know, BEING a cat)

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