The Pharaoh is an occasional villain in the animated series, and is a sort of mummy-like skeleton.

Animated seriesEdit

The Pharaoh appears in the episode , and has been reapearing since. In the episode, when Cat , Kade , and Liam go on a search for treasure, they discover The Pharaoh's pyrimid. They enter, and The Pharaoh begins to taunt them, while activating traps to stop them. These traps include, a single mouse trap, baited with a kitkat(tm), a spike pit, a swinging axe (they were out of spike balls), and a pit full of fangirls. Cat and co. make it through the traps, and face The Pharaoh in his throne room. Before he can fight them however, they steal his treasure while he is monolouging.


  • The pharaoh refers to himself in the third person, always calling himself "The Pharaoh"
  • The reason that the word "the" is capatalized in his name, is because its actually part of his name.