SuperGamer97 (or just "Liam") is the least popular member of HammerBros Studios, and mainly plays video games.

Relationships with other characters Edit

Cat: Cat tends to make fun of Liam quite often, but Liam doesn't do anything about it.

WispMaster: WispMaster hates him, so Liam stays away from him.

Kade: Liam and Kade seem to have a friendship with each other, but Liam isn't beyond using Kade to his own gain, as Kade isn't smart enough to understand he's being used.

ShyDieGuyMy: Liam really doesn't like ShyDie, and it's not hard to see why. During the zombie apokalypse, ShyDie never bothered to help Liam, and often considered leaving him behind.

Trivia Edit

  • Nobody loves him.
  • Despite his name, he sucks at video games.